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  1. In The Sun
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In The Sun

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by Smashlee

My faith is still shakeable
This bubble seems so breakable
How can I be on the right track
When I can’t stop looking back?
Was the choice I made
Worth the price I paid?
Will I one day walk out of the shade?

I wanna be in the sun
Where it’s ridiculously clear
And I can see and hear and taste
Not a second went to waste
When the ground I gain makes up for the mountains I’ve faced
When this night is done
I wanna wake up in the sun

This heart’s one big crisis
Saturated in sacrifices
But how could I be myself
Way up there on the shelf?
All I ask each day is the strength to stay
On this tricky path to truth

If I’m still, I can hear it call to me
Getting warmer as I near it, if I only knew what destiny wants of me

I want some kind of answer to one of a million questions
Once this luck has had its run I want to wake up in the sun

(Copyright Ashleigh Somerville SOCAN)