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  1. The Holiday Song
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The Holiday Song

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by Smashlee

Tell me what’s on your mind
Would you like to kiss me?
When I’m gone, do you ever miss me?
Are you up for the next step?

We’ll go somewhere to unwind
You’re gonna like it, I promise
I’m thinking maybe St.Thomas
They tell me the rhythm there is catchy

Why don’t we go away? It’s always fun to play
Out in the sun, sand and surf by the sea
We would take every day as it came, come what may
That’s what you do on holiday
Groovin’ down in the Virgins with the guppies and sturgeons
Barter with the locals - lots of souvenirs

We could dance a jig on the beach
Skinny dip in the ocean
Taking turns with the suntan lotion
You bring the trashy fiction

Bodysurf in the waves
Chill out under an umbrella
Would you be my new fella
If we took a trip?

Put your name on a grain of rice,
Jewellery from rocks and shells is always nice
So much easier to try to think,
Sipping a fruity drink

Barter with the locals
Haggle with the locals
But don't cheat the locals
For lotsa sou-, lotsa sou-, lotsa souvenirs

(Copyright Ashleigh Somerville SOCAN)