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Play Nice
by Smashlee

Everyone’s excited for a day in the park
It’s monkey bars and teeter-totters ‘til dark
Look out for the one out to wreck the fun
Needs a little bit more than 15 minutes in the sun

Why can’t every one of us learn to just play nice in the sandbox?
Sit in the sand, build something pretty with your hands
Don’t understand why anyone would play dirty

All the boys are talkin’ ‘bout the girl next door
Because she grew up early, they say “Easy score”
She pretends it doesn’t hurt her – that it rolls off her back
But when it comes to confidence
Her deck’s stacked


The thing about dirt, it’s so inert
There’s nothing full of life about it
And you can dig, dig, dig – so deep that you feel big
But everyone’s better off without it

New guy in the office, he’s a rising star
Spotted after hours at a certain bar
The men all laugh and imitate his speech
New guy’s always known that life’s no day at the beach


Such a bonus when you get to go to the game
Watching from your living room ain’t the same
But though Freedom of Expression was a hard-won law
Better wear the right jersey or you risk your jaw
Cuz it’s a big sandbox ...

(Copyright Ashleigh Somerville SOCAN)