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  1. Ripped In Half
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Ripped In Half

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by Smashlee

After their first kiss, he’d insist it was all too good to last
But he’d fallen for an optimist … she wouldn’t let love slip on past
Awakening each morning to newfound joy
Until like his warning, something changed the boy
While the girl wonders where she went wrong

Now her heart’s ripped in half
She can drag herself to work, doesn’t look half-bad
But for the life of her she can’t remember what it’s like to laugh
Without choking on a heart ripped in half

Used to try to hide the pain, it’s easier now that she’s numb
Cold ice in her veins, who knows what she might become?
Will the anger linger? Her light go out?
Or will time bring her an antidote for doubt?
Right now it’s all she can do to get by


Everyone tells her, "You’ll be fine"
You’ll meet someone else – all you need is time
She ain’t buying it at all, decided this is her last fall
Gonna build a wall so tall, love’ll never find her
Cuz on the whole, she rather be heartless than have
A heart ripped in half...

(Copyright Ashleigh Somerville SOCAN)