Scoop on Smash

Ukulele rockster, Smashlee, performs a charming and heartfelt hybrid of original rock and pop.

Smashlee is Ashleigh Somerville, and she grew up in BC's Okanagan Valley. Ashleigh is currently writing and recording on a new album. Her previous albums include Wild Cherry Girl and Smashlee's Wee CD, and for the holidays, an LP called 'Peace, Love, Joy'. The single 'Joe the Snowman' has been described as "A Canadian classic-in-the-making" by EZ Rock 101.5 (and Smashlee didn't even pay them to say this!)

Smashlee’s music has been used on both public and commercial radio, used for film and stage, and recorded by other artists. As a live act, Smashlee has been responsible for many a hearty ruckus at countless coffeeshops, restaurants, festivals, and beach venues. 

Smashlee is finishing writing her new album and is in-studio with pre-production. In the meantime, you can catch her playing select engagements throughout BC, and wherever else the sun may be shining!