Scoop on Smash

Ashleigh has just released a new album - JULY - unofficially prolonging summer with her new collection of warm, acoustic, feel-good folk-rock. Early feedback from JULY describes the vibe as "an empowering breath of fresh air", and the Bandcamp Diaries blog writes, "Ultimately, this EP is a no-brainer if you love good melodies and timeless lyrics!"

Ashleigh Somerville grew up in BC, Canada's Okanagan Valley, and you can hear a bit of that valley sunshine in every note she sings. Her previous albums include Wild Cherry Girl and a jazz-oriented holiday LP called 'Peace, Love, Joy'.

Ashleigh’s music has been used on both public and commercial radio, used for film and stage, and recorded by other artists. As a live act, Smashlee has brought her quirky kind of sunshine to countless coffeeshops, restaurants, festivals, and beach venues. Check out the brand new video for 'That Kind of Girl' on the Home or Video page!